Hydradermie Lift
If you are looking for serious anti-aging treatment, this facial program is a must! We use low frequency stimulation current to tone the muscles of the face and neck, incorporating lymphatic drainage to relieve the skin of toxins. The results are a natural lifting effect on the skin leaving a radiant, younger and visibly firmer looking skin.
    *To achieve maximum results with this treatment a series of facials are recommended. When 6 or more treatments are booked, receive $5 off of each facial.

Hydradermie Lift Express - 45 min] $70
A quick but intense firming treatment incorporating lymphatic drainage and muscle toning (no massage).

Hydradermie Lift - 1 hour 15 min $100
Including lymphatic drainage, muscle toning, specific anti-aging serums to intensify the treatment, massage and mask to promote deep relaxation.

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe - 2 hours $170
For a complete rejuvenation treatment, this facial incorporates your regular Hydradermie along with intense lymphatic drainage and muscle toning plus specific anti-aging serums to intensify treatments. Don't miss this one!!!!
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